About Us

About us


PARLOR is a restaurant and cocktail bar, an atypical foodie lounge intentionally hidden underneath one of the characteristic arcades of Bologna (the so-called “portici”), at walking distance from the Two Towers and the seven churches that dominate what is, perhaps, the most beautiful square of the city.

Parlor is the warm and cosy lounge where, after a long day, finally unwind, take off the armor worn in the morning and – surrounded by friendly faces – find some comfort in your own poison of choice, whether it comes fuming on a round porcelain bed or straight up in a martini glass.

Parlor is, at the same time, the workshop, the laboratory, the wind tunnel where – left any reassuring prejudice behind – test the boundaries of your taste and get involved in a journey of discovery of unfamiliar flavours, aromas and stories.


The Restaurant

The kitchen, coherently with the spirit of Parlor, offers two menus that are rather different one from the other.

A more traditional one, which represents a respectful homage to some of the most typical recipes of Bologna’s local and regional cuisine, and a more experimental one, based on seasonal ingredients and revolving around the contamination by heterogeneous influences, which aims at the elaboration of unusual juxtapositions of flavours and sensations through less known preparations and ingredients.

Ristorante Parlor Bologna

Ristorante Parlor Bologna - Foto interni

The Bar

A bar counter is much more than a selling point for alcoholic (and non-alcoholic) beverages. For some, it is a (equally beloved or hated) staple in the grey daily routine: people of all kinds, which at the bar have all their breakfasts, enjoy all their aperitifs, meet all their friends, cry all their tears. A magical world – exercising an astonishing force of attraction – for others, who, once entered, are forever enthralled by the dimmed lights, the music in the underground and the colours of the spirits swirling from the polished iron of the shaker to the cold embrace of the glass.

A meeting place, a place to get lost into so to find your inner self. All of this, and much more, is a bar counter for us, and what we would like the PARLOR bar to be for our customers. And if, in the meantime, we could manage to talk you into trying our drinks proposals with the dishes you are having for dinner, we might consider ourselves satisfied.


Our Staff

The Staff


When Giacomo first set foot in the kitchen of a restaurant, some years ago now, he did it pretty much by mistake, whilst looking for a way to fill that deep void that every First Love worth of its name leaves in the heart of a man when it’s over. (It should probably be specified that in his case, said love was Basketball).
Since then, however, he has been very rarely out of a kitchen, alternating fruitful collaborations with some of the most appreciated restaurants of Bologna to periods of work abroad, both in Europe and across the pond. This has allowed him to grow, under both a personal and professional point of view, by engaging on a daily basis with different ideas, techniques and sensibilities.


Andrea has always been a passionate connoisseur of the stimulating world of mixology, due, perhaps, to the influence of his family: his grandfather was, in fact, the owner of the renowned Serendipity American bar of Via Marconi, which, in the 70’s, quickly established itself as one of the places to go in Bologna amongst cocktail lovers.
Andrea has then nurtured his passion with dedication and curiosity, by attending seminars, courses and masterclasses in Italy, UK and USA, and – perhaps more importantly – by mixing and serving drinks at the counters of a wide array of different bars. From posh lounges open until morning to the spotless bars of Luxury hotels, from sports bar that would not be out of place in a novel by Stefano Benni to chiringuitos on the beach.